Friday, 5 August 2011

Learning about monkeys

Today I'm cracking on with this index I'm compiling for an edited volume (not my edited volume, one of the professors at university's). It's really slow going. I've got 40 hours to do, and I'm doing the easy ones first in order to maximise those 40 hours and get the most done I can. It took me a whole afternoon to do the 'learning' entry, with all its sub-entries, so now I'm focussing on the ones without sub-entries because with those you can basically just list all the pages they're on without having to read too much. There aren't that many of them though.

I'm learning quite a lot doing it, because for so many of the entries you do have to read the context. The volume is on language evolution, so there's a lot about early hominins, chimps, birdsong, stone tools, brain size, etc. etc.

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