Monday, 25 January 2016

El Gato, the nameless cat

It was revealed last week that Jeremy Corbyn's cat does not have a name, and he simply calls it 'el gato'. Or is that El Gato? It was in an interview with the Independent, and you can't hear capital letters, so we may never know. Perhaps it doesn't matter. But perhaps it does!

Image result for corbyn el gato
El Gato, the cat. 
Corbyn himself appears to regard this as not a name, as he goes on to talk about how cats don't know their own names anyway. However, El Gato could be a perfectly good name, if he chooses to think of it that way. Yes, it means 'the cat', but we can use common nouns as proper nouns quite easily. My friend does exactly this, as her car is nicknamed El Gato. Another friend's mother has a cat whose name is The Little Cat. Ella Fitzgerald and all the other Ellas are just called 'her', by the same token, but we think of it as a name. Adam West and all the other Adams are just called 'man', but again, no problem here.


  1. You'll be pleased to hear that The Little Cat is alive and well, about twenty years old, and still indifferent to mere nomenclature.

    1. I'm so pleased! Say hello to The Little Cat from me when you're next there (and to your mother). I expect The Little Cat will also be indifferent to being blogged about, but you never know.