Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lucky me

I'm back on facebook. I finally made the decision to go back on Tuesday, after a gruelling start to the week made me realise it was the right thing to do.

First, on Monday I had my first meeting with my supervisors in MONTHS. It was a scary prospect, actually, even though they are lovely people and not scary at all. I was suddenly forced to face up to the fact that I had NO work to show for the whole summer and no excuse for that. This led me to conclusion 1: Being off-facebook since June has not increased my productivity.

Then a series of nice things happened to lead me to conclusion 2: Social support will help me finish my PhD.

Before the meeting I took advantage of Friend M who very kindly allowed me to whinge to her and comforted me.

After the meeting I had lunch with a bunch of nice people for Friend A's birthday, after which Friend A sent me a really nice text message telling me to keep my chin up and all would be well.

The next day I had lunch with Friends K and D, during which they took my mind off work, and Friend K reassured me and Friend D made me laugh.

And I would just like to add that I have the best supervisors ever. My first supervisor sent me a nice email on Monday night to remind me that I'm totes the most awesome ever. Or words to that effect. I think it was actually that my research area is cutting edge, but whatever.

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  1. Glad I made you laugh - I'll put my trousers back on now. But seriously folks, everyone has great confidence in you, because you are indeed brilliant. Oh yes.