Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Three-minute thesis

Tomorrow (or maybe today, I don't know how the time difference works) the University of Melbourne is holding the finals of its Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. It seems to be a university-wide competition, with a prize for the overall winner.

It's a great idea, as you do need a three-minute summary of your thesis - for your viva, for your 'elevator pitch' and for those people who say 'so, what are you working on?' (actually, 3 minutes is too long for some of them). And the idea of making it a competition is really fun, because it means you have to work extra hard to make it interesting. So many of us either forget that the other person doesn't care, and go on at length about the details which are fascinating to us but meaningless to them, or conversely, apologetically say 'oh, it's really boring' (guilty). Having to make it interesting to everyone is a challenge, but one well worth taking on.

Anyway, there seems to be live streaming promised at this page.

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